Spots are associated with young skin, often blamed on an over production of oil due to your age, but what if the spots are due to an over production of oil because you’re stressed, and by the time the spots have gone the wrinkles have started to appear?! #NIGHTMARE.

Young people are under more stress today, than ever before. Millennial’s are the first generation that have to live life under a social media microscope. And this involves working towards getting the best mark on your exams to get a great career, keeping up with your friends; usually late a night, and your family, having the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and documenting it all online on social media to show everyone how in control you are and what a wonderful time your having. And you’re pioneering this unchartered path marvellously! I take my hat off to you, I really do.

But what happens when that Snapchat filter lets you down, and you realise that, you, the subject of the photo, needs a little more me time?



Stress is the greatest, slow-burning killer of great skin. But you’re trying your best, right? You’re keeping up with your studies, you’re going out with your friends, and you call your Mom at least once a week. So what if you forget to eat? Or take your make-up off before bed? The spots will go, right?

When you’re stressed you release the adrenaline hormone cortisol, and this is a great evolutionary response that we humans developed. This magic hormone gives us magic super powers to fight the lion or get the hell away as fast as we can! It’s called the Fight or Flight response, but you knew that, and it’s a good thing, as I said it gives us magic powers and it encourages our bodies to heal, if that pesky lion bit us…

The thing is, we rarely bump into lions anymore, (unless of course you’re on a fabulous gap year in South Africa, changing the world) and we rarely just get up and run away, no matter how much we’d like to sometimes. So what happens to all this cortisol surging through our blood vessels? Not a lot, it stays there, and because we can’t fight or ‘flight’ we become nervous, over-reactive, tense. And this subsequently causes an over production of oil in the skin, thus causing spots. See where I’m going with this?

Of course the spots will go, eventually, but what if you didn’t have to suffer them in the first place?



I created Heaven Skincare to heal the skin using natural remedies from days gone by, but the healing properties remain the same. The biggest mistake people make with spotty skin is to try and remove the oil from the skin, thinking if we dry it out a bit my skin will get better… This is counter-productive because in response to removing the oil, the skin produces more oil. The body is in homeostasis, right? In perfect balance with all kinds of negative feedback systems, so how do we stop the spots?! We add more oil, more good, natural oils. I said the body was in homeostasis, right? So by adding more oil we gently encourage the skins over production to cease.

30ml Aries Youthful Moisturiser

Start with the Hydro Cleansing Milk (from £10.00) which uses organic rosemary oil to remove dirt and debris from the skins surface, it contains jojoba oil, which has the most similar structure to oil naturally found in the epidermis, it contains lavender to soothe redness and tea tree oil to kill bacteria. Follow the cleanse with Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel (from £10.00) which is a cooling and soothing gel, that contains peppermint oil to help balance the oil production in the skin, so where you’re dry more oil is encouraged, but where you’re oily the production is reduced. The moisturiser recommended is the Youthful Moisturiser (from £10.00), which contains organic frankincense oil to preserve your lovely youthful cells. The complexion is left bright, clear and dewy. Who needs a snapchat filter now?