…I travelled to Africa and stayed in a house in what was then Rhodesia, it’s now Zimbabwe. The lady I stayed with was a friend of my dads (my dad had lots of attractive friends), the room was the prettiest i’d ever been in with co-ordinated tissue boxes and beautiful bottles and the most wonderful smelling hand & body wash, that had been left for me to use sat upon top of white towels with appliqué flowers. The scent in the air, the body wash and the creams this pretty lady had left for me have stayed in my memory, even now I can close my eyes and return to that room and fragrances.


I have taken these memories of then mixed them with my clients ideas of how important a great caressing wash is with a nourishing beautiful body cream that’s strong enough to stop the dryness of the most house-proud hands.

What does it smell like, crushed grapefruit, afternoon tea, limes and a bit of rose.

Here are a few Hotels that love #heavenafternoontea wash and creams so much they bought it for their businesses…

The Crown at Wergs

The ABaC hotel, Barcelona

The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall Wood

The Genting, Resorts world 

I’ve put up only a few of my fave’s


If you walk into a bathroom of the best restaurant or hotel and don’t find Heaven, you soon will!

Afternoon Tea & bathroom sink


Now for you…

…for one week only, I’m offering you the chance to WOW your guests as I was in Africa,  with my Heaven Afternoon Tea Body & Hand Wash and Cream sets with your purchase of my products.

Now Karen (she’s my general manager) said; “we are very low on stock, why are you doing this?”

…well I’m impulsive and just wanted to for you all to share the same type of memory just from the scent of a fab product, I know that you will all be pleased.

Lots of love.

Hope your visitors are impressed too!