Hiding wipes, that was the first sign my daughter had her own mind, well at 13 years old sneaking face wipes into a super drug basket was her own mind. I however wasn’t having any of it.

I sound mean don’t I?, even to me I sounded harsh, until you know that one of my customers had a very bad skin cancer scare from using face wipes and sun-beds. The dermatologist had said her skin had ulcerated due to ineffectual cleaning.

That was not going to happen to my daughter, so at 14 years she kept begging me to let her buy the offending items. Or if not… would I make them, all her friends had them so why could she not buy some.

By the time she was 15 and more pestering I said I have not got time too, why don’t you make them? I thought she would say I can’t, and then give up.

Well a few people now have got glimpses of my amazing daughter and her single mindedness, she enlisted my help of course but we went about making wipes that I would actually let her use.

All through the summer we negotiated organic high quality Cotton, that was slightly abrasive and of course none of the toxins found in the usual cheaper variety.

To enhance the exfoliation and anti-ageing too apple pectin organic lotion was used and tha Cool cleansing and oil balancing of the herb peppermint completed my daughters wipes.

We used samples ourselves and tried methods of cleansing with and combining with other lotions. We noticed very quickly both our skin was improving. Ella had dry skin but it was still appearing clearer and I had oil / spot prone skin, usually if I did not look after it that cleared too. Fine lines looked less.

My daughter had done such a great job even the packaging was biodegradable. We then ran out of our testing samples and we felt bereaved so Ella and I both wanted more. Good sign, we could not now live without using them, not to mention I now had perfect white towls with no make up stains to go with my fresh skin.

Happy mom, clever daughter and a major client following. We sent samples out to customers and to my amazement 100% loved them!


You should always get one whose perhaps not keen on wipes but the versatility proved popular with our loyal following.

The packaging Ella had her ideas, and the logo is her signature.

Ellajane skinwipes info

I’m bursting with pride so I helped to get her Twitter going @heavenellajane.

And then we did the launch party

I’ll help with that…

100 perhaps? … 750 people arrived and 150 were celeb’s and footballers even Catherine tyldesley and Binky and Louise were there loving the fact Ella at 15 had created these that everyone loved…

This is the launch night