EVER, got to someone’s house or hotel and realised your whole make up bag and creams have been left at home? I have.  In an attempt to be stream-lined, I’d caused myself the possibility of being very lined.

I was young and just married, the 1st time, my new husband and I went to stay at a wonderful hotel for just one night. We were visiting a very important client of his the next day so I wanted to make sure I didn’t let the side down, I would look my best.

I’d planned my clothes to a tee including night wear, we had saved for out night away and our adventure, our honeymoon had been a caravan lent to me by a customer of mine.

The hotel was special and it had a Valentine dinner night, a pool too.

So after throwing our bags in the room off we went for a dip.

It was swim/sauna/jacuzzi, working 7 days a week as a mobile beauty therapist didn’t leave me much time for myself, I was having a great time. Grabbing my robe and racing to the room so know-one could see the black mascara running down my checks from the leisure complex activities into the shower and just tried to grab shampoo, no, can’t find it, ok I’ll use the hotels, it can’t be that bad.

I’ll cleanse and cream my face when I get out, I THOUGHT!!

The shampoo left much to be desired, my hair which was down to my bottom did not take kindly to the watery conditioner and straw-making shampoo.

Better leave it to dry naturally.

Where’s my cleansing and moisturising kit. NO WHERE TO BE SEEN…

Ok… I’ll get the black mascara off with the hotels soap… mistake!.

I’ll cover my up my now red blotchy face with make-up.

Yes… you guessed it I’d forgot that too.

My weekend was ruined. I looked like a fuzzy, piggy eyed, blotchy faced, spindly monster ( I was thin then)

Debs long hair

We ate in the room.

Next morning I attempted to use the food for make up, carrots to give me some colour, Ash to make-up my eyes, darker and tomato sauce to give my lips colour.

I WAITED IN THE CAR WHEN HE VISITED HIS VERY IMPORTANT CUSTOMER, saying I was sick, well I was sick, sick to death of having my night away ruined.

The customers lovely wife popped out to see if I was ok, which forced me to say I was feeling better. I had to sit inside having lunch, she probably had never seen such an ugly girl in all her life I thought.

It turned out OK and we all had a laugh about it. She even asked me if I wanted to go into her garden to have a cigarette, must have been the ash on my eyes smelling.

I can really laugh about this now. This is the reason I make all my products in travel kits of all sizes so know one ever has to feel like I did.



The SOS emergency kit is a one nighter, with everything you need to cleanse moisturise and treat your skin. The anti-ageing and conditioning results should stay for 7 days at least, so it’s also good to try extra products you have not used before.

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