My body is pre deposed to make them 

I wasn’t born with spots, but they came pretty quickly as soon as puberty loomed, in fact the spots on my face were far bigger than pimples in the right places. 

Was I born shy too, or did the acne help me to keep my head down. 

This much I do know all the mirricle cures in the world did not stop the on set of this  ruination of my teen plus years.

Why do we get them! 


#spots the body has a defense mechanism to create white blood cells this is the white look in spots, so you could say your becoming healthier getting them I wouldn’t  ever thought that though! 

Some people  don’t get them because they don’t produce the hormone dopamine in high levels. (Linked to puberty,stress, allergies)

All the tooth paste In the world did not save me. 

I thought is it oil that’s making my spots? (No it wasn’t) 

So I tried NAIL VARNISH !! What was I thinking at 12 years plus nothing made sense. 

I’d squeeze my black heads round my nose till it looked like Rudolph’s conk. 

I can’t moisturise I’ll get more spots I thought. “Silly me” now I know if you do moisturise you get less spots. 

If I’d known then what I do now I could have helped my skin quicker. 



My life’s work was finding the answers to this, I felt it up set my whole life and I don’t want that for you or your children. 

  • Oil stops oil 
  • Over drying out your skin can produce spots. 
  • Dairy can make dry pimply rash type spots
  • Over fatty diets make skin too oily this makes black heads if skin oil not removed in 6 hours. 
  • Sleep deprivation breaks down skin defenses ( makes spots)
  • Over exposer to sun can bring on acne rosacea (spots, dry patches redness) 
  • Wheat makes spots if you are sensitive to it. These will be on cheeks. 
  • Progesterone is produced just before a period this gives spots on jaw. 
  • Not removing make up will give you full spotty skin. 
  • Not going to the toilet builds toxins that have to come out some where. Spots 
  • Poor vitamins in diet shows in skin, lack of b6 vits, these are also depleted in stress. 


the skin has brain cells and every time it feels a little lacking in water it produces oil to hold our vital water in.  This is why all my products contain hydra molecules, please don’t tell the competition! So applying oil will stop skin over producing Oil! That does also include moisturisers. HEADS UP . It takes 7 days for skin to show adjustment. SO BE PATIENT !

How to tell if your ALERGIC / sensitive a food.

 A few minuets after eating a spot will become itchy feeling,as it becomes more in flamed and white blood cells travel to the weeker areas. 


Fresh Olive oil, oily fish,  nuts especially macadamia nuts all help your skin be lubricated. 

Butter, lard, greasy burgers chips that have been cooked in old fat. These and more are not good fats.they are in fact quite toxic.


The body has to work so much harder when we have less sleep, so it produces cortersol in case we are in danger, this makes skin sensitive and spotty if left in the body and not used. This helps to keep us awake it’s linked to adrenaline production. 

THE SUN DOES HELP MOST SPOT TYPES. acne rosacea so it’s worth mentioning over doing the sun can bring on this condition, along with spicy foods, wheat and dairy. Hormone imbalance. It looks rosey cheeks dry and pimples arrive after only 15 minuets in the sun. 

The Rose oil in the Lia therapy 

Is fab for stopping red spots and broken veins 
BOWELS CLEARED  ! Helps your skin not TO get spots. Prune juice, RUFFAGE,  fiber. Lots more to say on this subject. Lemon juice clears the toxins first thing in the morning, I assure you this takes forever to work. But be patient 

PROGESTERONE Makes us want to eat sugary things and gives us spots on jaw line. 

So resist the sweet bowl.