Gone are the days when I just wanted a tan at any cost. I’ve spent too long looking at my clients skin when the sun has burnt through their elasticity and left the skin looking years older than it really is. This holiday, take time in the sun but also out of it. Let your skin cool down.

Sun factors are only half the story, so remember every one loves great sheeny looking skin, what ever the colour.

This year my Tan looks the best, I wore my BeeBee Cream on my face and body and I used p20 which I really don’t like the feel of but I know if I go in the water it stays on longer than others.


UVA; only begins 3 days into exposing your skin to the sun.

This makes the tan cells (melanocytes) produce the brown colour (melanin) to protect us, that’s why we get freckles, the cells are working overtime.

UVB; this process happens after a lot of sun exposure or after bad burns in sun.

But it takes time to grow new cells. UVB makes more tan cells (melanocytes) if you have more of these you are darker skinned and less likely to look freckly.

Photo by TORI SHEPHERD of tori. Bag by heaven 

UVC; is the really bad one. This causes cancer, luckily we are usually not that close to this wave of sun to get this. 

UV radiation; So what do we get when we see the sun has got his hat on and we run out to play. We get BURNT! By this radiation. This is the 3 days before with nothing to protect us. We don’t even get brown by this 😦

Sun care products are now helping to stop us getting this by putting radiation barriers into sun creams. #lancaster do one and it is good and not as pricey as La Prairie. 

Before you ask no I don’t make one yet, sorry! when I do… it’ll be better than the competion so keep your eyes peeled… 

Stopping the burn. (radiation) 

Cool showers or long cooling baths help. Treat your skin as if it has been burnt by scolding water. It will be much better for it, even if the redness is not showing… still do it you want to stop your skin from cooking.

Hydro Cleansing Milk NEUTRALISES the burn and gives you a  great tan that lasts. Helping to calm radiation and if you have a large one like I did, I used it as my after sun. Best tan I’ve ever had, ( I think I said that once before, but I’m very happy with it). 


AFTER SOOTHER. Best after sun and silky skin smoother. Helps if you have bites too. CALMS, REPAIRS and is a radiation healer.

Rehydrate your skin with Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel (water for your skin) 

The most important thing is to keep the elasticity so your skin looks fresh, my best cream for this is Firming & Stretchmark Cream for your body, the orange oil repairs skin that’s stretched so you can see why it would be great for that sheen, smooth, silky look after you have got your tan and want to keep it longer. #PROLONG 

Ever thought “how can I protect my tan and smooth out cellulite”?. 

Now you can with the Cellulite & Firming Cream. This new formula contains hyaluronic acids that help cool skin after taking sun and the organic essential oils break down pockets of fat and fluid.