Just this weekend

My products are ‘naturally’ amazing…

They do things no others can…

…Really… They work! 

Fixing problems that we have:

I put them into sets to make things easy for anyone to choose.

If you try most of the sets in small or large sizes, your skin will #bee the best it can be.

I’m making new bags for each of these sets. I do run out of time flying around the world and I’m so controlling, I never think anyone else can choose for me.

The first bag I’m bringing out will be the Bee Spotless one. It looks so nice for Christmas.

If your like me I’m already thinking of presents now… I hope my 10% off to all Email VIP subscribers on our website helps you to budget. (Scroll down slightly on the left hand side of the website following the link above, and you will see a box ‘SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAIL LIST’, just enter your details it takes seconds).


So choosing the right set…?

When you look at your skin and the first thing you don’t like, that is the skin type kit you need to buy first. 

This will fix you immediate problem.

And you will be amazed at how it will make the other things fade.

Most of my Heaven Skincare products have multi-uses, this means one product can suit all skin conditions.

A lady left a message on my blog saying…

“I have spots and I hate them but I want to anti-age too, what do I use?”

My Age Defiance Cream is an anti-ageing product (brilliant) but as it makes your skin look younger it uses a specific Hyaluronic Acid found in vegetables that stops the production of spots also as it releases the Elastin which makes your skin younger.

a picture taken in one of our spa’s in Dubai

…like my original and world’s first Bee Venom Mask

Copied by lots  but they never can get it right because it’s not just bee venom it’s ABEETOXIN® (My patented formula)  this has more benifits to the skin than you can ever imagine.

Clients have said to me; “do you know I had a nasty spot and I put it on and it went over night”, I thought ‘I don’t believe a spot that pops up can disappear overnight’!.  But sure enough, more clients came saying the same thing. I thought ‘it’s a Heavenly Miracle’

I now know I’m sounding big-headed because I made these and I probably am being big-headed (more proud to be honest) but, I can’t wait for you to be big-headed about your perfect NO PROBLEM SKIN after using my Heaven products.

So that’s why you’re VIP’s and that’s why you can have 10% off with this bank hols treat. I care about your skin looking good.

BEE Kit No Problem 16 (Bee Spotless)

Love Deb . Ps I’m going to check and reply to all messages you leave x