Not everyone is touched by breast Cancer, but most know someone who is or has been.

So that tells me we need to help more, especially when we can see we are winning with more people than ever surviving saying, yes, this is worth it!

I was touched by many people this month who have and are helping me through my loss of my mother 

She lost her fight, not with Cancer, but with C.O.P.D a breathing condition.

I miss her…

I don’t want others to miss their loved ones, if I can do a little to help, or a lot, I will.

So this month we are giving to Breast Cancer Research.

These fab products in our especially put together kits, people love to buy and I’m giving the purchasers, a gift of value, to encourage them to buy to help in Cancer Awareness. The Kits save you a lot, but more importantly, 10% of the kit sales and the individual product sales go to Breast Cancer Research.

These sets are a perfect combination for youthful, brighter skin and also hands.