It’s Autumn…

Leaves are changing colour our skin is changing too, why? why? why? I hear you ask.


Have you got; patchy looking skin?, dry skin coming?, an odd horrible boil spot?, a few red patchy veins raising their heads?, Itchiness? lines popping up where you thought they were never there before?

I can actually go on… Why?….. AUTUMN!
REASONS: I have lots to help you… don’t despair Deb is here. My joke sorry.

The summer sun going away does not help you know, as it releases vitamin D which helps us sleep soundly. So us wrapping up is stopping the vit D being stimulated (our bodies make it on solar contact). Take your sun glasses off for 15 mins when out in the Autumn sun. Even Dubai is cooling down now from their hot summer, us in the UK would love a bit of Winter Dubai sun. We will have to settle with the glimpses we see of our sun through the leaves dropping. Get outside and take a walk.


Hot and cold our skin really dislikes these, our body temperature systems are still used to trying to cool down, so we tend to get warmer inside than we expect, this encourages Eczema skin conditions, on some people their skin gets a little itchy, some to full blown roaring Eczema. Heating does not help, a little moisture in corners of our nose and joints caused by the heating then over-heating, followed by over-cooling our bodies makes little microbes multiply, this starts the flaky/itchy skin to happen. WHAT TO DO? Increase your cleansing, use the BEE CALM KIT it’s designed just for this. The Essential Moisturiser is the most ‘essential’ on your skin because it kills the microbes and their production system.



What do we do when the nights start to draw in and gets a little colder? more stodgy foods? more milky coffees?. Lattes = dry skin. Too many that is. Soya is a great substitute and it increases  Oestrogen in our bodies which is linked to Collagen production. Sorry to get so techie.



Yep… really sorry we have to watch this too!, unless you drink two glasses of water to one coffee then I’ll let you off! We are missing the large amounts of water we drink in the Summer, skin with no water/moisture = dehydration lines.



#beecalm sets have pre-watering systems to aid youthful skin and improve fragility complexions, or should I say lined bits you never had.


Get the old dry tan gone!… Honestly, I promise, a hue of fresh tan is hidden under those horrid dead skin patches you’re trying to hold onto.

ENTER my latest innovation ‘BEE PEEL’

A SKIN SAVIOUR: Buy this and be amazed


• A face lift in a jar • Blurring the lines between organic and medical • A solution to pigmentation lines • Helps remove scarring and sun damage • Firms & tightens skin • Evens & smoothes skin tone • A solution to acne.

How to use; Apply all over face and wash off immediately,  day 1, day 2 then rest day 3. Then do it again.

Or if your skin is not super sensitive, 3 days on then three days off.
After you become an expert you can leave it on a line and it will really improve, some vanish, depends on how deep it is.

I’ve got to go to a meeting now, share if you like it, tell me if you don’t…

Lots of love D x