The essence of youth is the foundation of beautiful skin.

Our skin needs elasticity and the moist hue is of utmost importance, without these natural skin oils, our skin can pre-maturely age up to 10 to 15 years. This time of the year the Autumn wind whips and steals our moisture so much so that we cannot recognise the refection that looks back at us.


The Autumnal weather takes no prisoners, as it sends young and old into pre-mature ageing. Protection is our only defence. I can hear some of you say, but if I put a greasy moisture on “I’m going to get spots!” So the trick to youthful skin, is intelligent moisturising. A moisturiser that repairs the rough edges and chapped skin where the weather has left its mark. The molecules of the moisturiser need to be light and fluffy so I have designed, IT’S A DREAM Esssential moisturiser to improve everyone’s skin with no age limit. This is the new and improved Essential Moisturiser. I have produced this limited edition product to improve your skin NOW! Your skin needs feeding and protecting and Heaven is here to help!

  • Gerainum takes away signs of Eczema and redness.
  • Vitamin E, the highest RDA, repairs little tiny abrasions and roughness.
  • The Jasmine gives a flush of youth to your skin as it repairs and gives the elasticity that is seen in younger completions.


I can’t give all of my secrets away but once used, this DREAM moisturiser will be a firm favourite of yours, but you will have to wait till next year when it is launched officially as a new product to re-buy it! So hurry whilst the limit stock last.