Why do we argue more at Christmas? 
Well the truth is it’s all about energy, or electricity of a kind –

– Mainly the lack of it. 

There is less to go round you see, we have to speak to santa may be even help him wrap a few presents. 

Last minuet jobs to do before the Christmas party. 

It’s fitting a square peg in a round whole, our lives being so busy usually and then it’s chrismas and all that entails. 

Really though squeezing in that blissful facial is going to do far more good than you think. 

You see the best facials are the ones that give you a jump start of extra energy. This not only makes you look rested and vibrant but fills you full of that vital energy that every one else’s is lacking in. It allows that tap of laughter and fun to flow through even if the tree is too big or the Turky too small. 

Or the mince pies are just right

So how do you choose a Facial 

Well you ask yourself “what do I need most” 

Rest, relaxing or making my face look destressed. All I HERE you say! 

A bee sting facial has it all. 

BSF for short, 

It’s fab, no really fabulous as my great friend #nickMelenco would say. 

You have creams lavished on, 

New edition cleanser with a drop of dream oil, my highly trained therapist explain just enough to let your mind start to relax. As the Bee peel is applied and then swiftly washed away with our collagen enhancing Cleanse and foam the mandarin aroma puts that Christmas spirit back in, then time for the Chamomile hydrogel with a faint hint of rose that opens the heart to all that’s possible. Drifting into sleep with the application of our dream and Lia serums as the face is smoothed and relaxed the neck is lengthened or so it seems as the tension just disappears, lastly Bee venom   Relaxes every last line wrinkle that has escaped the effortless touch of our angels where ever in the world you have a BEE STING FACIAL  you will always think it’s the best facial you will ever have! 

So if you fancy a cuppa and a nice relax oh and to give you the youngest smoothest face you’d ever wish for. Pop into one of our places that stock HEAVENSKINCARE

If you would like to find out where 

Read our new ANGEL ezing Angel


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See I thought that would put a smile on your faces.