When we were invited to showcase the LL&B at London Fashion Week Men Grooming Room, by the lovely Laura at Forward PR, we jumped at the chance! I’ve always wanted to be a fashion week, and there were going to be lots of people wanting some R&R in between the shows and we had just what they needed to feel better and look great! Our bespoke brow treatment!

Revolutionising the beauty world, LL&B. PERMATINTTM, is a system of plant-based tints for defining the perfect natural brow for you and enhancing your natural lashes, the 4 colours; light brown, dark brown, medium brown and black, using a totally safe silver-nitrate gel developer, are skilfully mixed, by LL&B trained therapists, to create the perfect shade for your skin type, and gone is the generic peroxide tint of yester-year. The brow is then shaped, according to your bone structure to create the perfect lift for your eye! We thought it would be perfect for all those tired fashion journalists and bloggers!

This is Liza and Ellie performing the brows on some fashion VIPs!


And one of the handsome male bloggers who just had his brows shaped!

c1uqcfuxgaafe9The beautiful pop star Larissa Eddie loved her LL&B Brows, and you can listen to her song here, I think she has such a ‘heavenly’ voice!

And here’s a tip if c1vjoogwiaacyl_You find this quote relevant after Christmas then you should try the Chin Up treatment that we found also at the Grooming Room!

c1vghi1xgaieeddWhich is a chin mask to help you lose inches off your jaw!

And of course everyone who came to the #GroomingRoom got a heavenly Heaven good bag!