Excited for this event, it’s probably nothing you’ve ever been to.

Lavish tables of all the nicest people enjoying each other’s company, celebrities and business owners and poeple who want to #bee part of the Heaven phenomenon.

So what’s the agenda?

Arrival 12noon: our drinks are sponsored by Lauren Perrier, that’s actually my favourite.

Our speaker is the well known ALAN S ADAMS he’s going to teach us how we are sold to and how we can sell ourselves better HOW TO SELL ANYTHING EVEN YOURSELVES

Best seller ADAM S ADAMS

While he is talking there are treatment booths around the room to give you beautiful nails, skin, lashes and brows.

Food in the day is a delicious mix of heathy favourites.

Then I will talk about my life building a brand and how you can achieve.

Around 3.30 there’s a break in the day to change, shop or have full length treatments in the cube club and spa


The cube club and spa

Then later …

6.30 pm

It’s the AWARDS 

Our salons all over the world will be there to recieve accolades for all their work through the year 2016. I know it 2017 now but we got very busy last year. 

Food from the very lovely and famous Chief Marco Perrie White 

Then you can dance all night if you wish… 

With my friends


I’m hoping to post some PICTURES of you. 

Want to come phone 01952 462505 

But I’d do it pretty quick 


£10 plus goes to charity action


This will bee yours skin you’ll love