You loved my Afternoon Tea Hand Cream, it smells light breezy and fresh.

You liked the way it made your hands look younger, the only thing that stopped them being dry. The rich, calming feel was not greasy. hand snuggled so easily in yours.

For all moms out there I want you to have this gift around Mother’s Day of my beautiful hand wash and cream.

I made it for a 2 Michelin star hotel in  Barcelona Abac hotel Barcelona

So the beautiful tastes of the food were not over-shadowed by the wash and cream in the bathrooms during the customers meals but actually enhanced the whole experience.

Now this hand cream is in the most prestigious houses, palaces and hotels the world over.

So I thought what would be the nicest thing I could give you for your moms this Mother’s Day… the gift of love.

You can treat you and your mom to Heaven

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And get the Afternoon Tea Hand Wash FREE… and if you spend a little more the beautiful cream too.