Join Katherine Ryan, Peter Andre and myself. Channel 4 march 27th at 10 pm 

I wrote a blog last year that I wasn’t able to post until now: Here it is, and you will be able to watch it tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm. This is my behind the scenes blog…

“This week should have been a little quieter, as these things happen I now find myself in Marbella with the very beautiful Peter Andre. He’s shooting his calendar and my products are also in his calendar and I’m being followed by a tv crew they are following me to see what my life is like. Manic but fun.

I’ve known Peter many years, the first time I treated his pretty face it was as a guest at his house when he was previously married,

I had the pleasure of him making me spaghetti – I never told him I don’t eat wheat.

He’s such a nice chap, never changes. Now I find myself here in Marbella in beautiful surroundings…

I’m so pleased he loves my products!

So the film crew are asking me and him lots of questions, what does he think of Heaven products, he says of course he loves them but then goes on to explain why, he says he finds his skin dry then oily then dry again. With Heaven he says it’s constantly good and his skin feels different like a new skin and he’s noticed how smooth it looks. He says his favourite is the black bee venom – he even uses it after shaving as it calms his skin.


I find my mind wondering how does this man have so much energy to be so lovely to every one, he’s the real deal, lovely and beautiful looking, I feel my self wanting to mother him a bit, but I resist the temptation.

After the filming I go down stairs for a coffee, I can work the machine no problem.

Pop the capsule in but it does not work, is it up side down? I give it a nock and a clout. Nothing happens so I start to take the top off to see what I’ve done, now Robin comes to help me and the key to the place we are in falls neatly down the back of the machine, I’m really in it now. Peter just loves his coffee, he owns a chain of shops.

Robin and I hide our worry and start to take off the back of the machine. Key found, still no coffee…
I slope away and go get an instant but Pete’s brother stops me and says “you can’t have rubbish coffee!” and takes me back to the bar with the machine, Robin follows giggling to himself at my look of horror.
As he proceeds to tell me about how the machine makes brilliant coffee I start to panic

Robin films me !! Laughing

Pete’s brother thinks we are really happy because I’m making coffee, I look for the exit.

After all the excitement, we dressed for dinner. All of us went to a pretty village in the hills, I never even thought of people recognising Peter. After we parked, we walked a few steps and a man ran up to him wanting a picture, then a crowd formed
Walking to the Restaurant, Pete gets mobbed, but he doesn’t mind.
Lovely food, lovely company.

The people on the other table

We’re patient and then Peter goes over to talk to them.
Time really means everything but he spends his time with others even after a busy shoot today and I’m sure he would have been tired but they never knew!
His calendar is due out around September/October time and I’ll be first in line to get one!

Being taken on an evening out with Peter Andre was a night to remember.
WHEN I WROTE THIS BLOG LAST YEAR I WAS EMBARGOED, that means not allowed to say too much.

So now you know the program is called #howdoyougetsorich

I had such a lovely time with the film crew over a couple of weeks we were filming in different locations

The program first airs on Channel 4 Monday 27th march at 10 pm

Filmed in the jacuzzi at Santai Spa, Gentings Hotel, Resort World Birmingham.

Book at Resort world and GENTINGS HOTEL


How did you get so rich… tonight (27th March) at 10pm on Channel 4.