The lovely Carla talks to Deborah Mitchell about her life and Heavenskincare, royals a listers Questions –

What prompted your decision to pursue a career in natural beauty?

My ambition was actually never to be a beauty therapist; I wanted to be an actress, I did some modelling and earned well from this, I thought I’d have a job doing beauty it would have all the answers to help cure my acne.

The course I did taught me how to make simple skincare, I’d always had an innate knowledge about how to heal using plants and flowers, so when I began doing healing facials, I felt like I was home and I knew this was what I was meant to be doing!

Your success within the industry is unrivalled, what was your big break? 

First I wouldn’t say that I’m unrivalled but I would say I’m very driven. I was the pioneer of using bee-venom to freeze facial expressions topically in in the form of Heaven bee venom mask with abeetoxin to increase the collagen within the skin, research shows that bee venom increases collagen production by up to 300%! I knew I had found the natural answer to skin ageing!

People  were getting younger in front of my eyes But that is only halve the story, other than that it was, and still is, putting effort into a vision  I have, to make the world feel beautiful! And be kinder to every one.

You have worked with some of the world’s most influential faces – Royal princesses And future queens  celebrities . the list goes on. How did you procure such an A-list following?

I think people follow friends and I have a lot of customers who have celebrity friends, and my facials really do make a difference to the skin, so when the celebrities saw my clients skin, they wanted to book appointments with me or any where heaven is  and the rest is history! 

The Bee Venom Facial has become a cult offering. What is it? How did you develop it? And how does it work?

My facial was actually “debs facial”

When my clients booked in to my staff I’d trained in my way they asked for my treatment, I only had one pair of hands and I worked from 7 till sometimes 2am at mobile and in my bedroom at home so i got a room at the holiday in (we’ll disable toilet) and trained others to help me.

Me at 32 1996 august 

My facial was a success it was called  Lia therapy (Click for much more info)

When I went to the Palace for the first time I new I could not do my Lia therapy treatment then. So I did a new facial that became my Heaven bee sting facial, available the world over

I created the  “Bee Sting” facial using my products that contain my bee-venom ingredient called ABEETOXIN®, the cleanser, the exfoliator and the obviously the Bee-Venom Mask all contain the ABEETOXIN® which works to increase the collagen production, a perfect the skin, the specific massage movements that I use are for facial lifting. It works by tricking the skin into thinking it has been “stung” and encourages the bodies own natural healing response, thus perfecting the skin. Obviously no bees are harmed in the collection of my bee venom and there no bees actually stinging your face! Bee kit

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?


] I love making new products to heal my customer’s acne, and other skin concerns such as dryness, reducing scarring and pigmentation and mostly anti-aging.  I love people and I find it rewarding  to help them, when your skin is bad you lose a lot of confidence and I hate to see someone feel bad about themselves if I can help!

Why do you think that you want to help 

I have and had a lot of confidence issues from suffering with acne myself, to literally any thing else about me, apart from my work so I don’t want people to feel like I do.

What are the most common skin concerns that clients come to you with?

Acne as an adult is a big concern, as well as pigmentation and scarring, obviously the Bee-Venom Mask is famous for anti-ageing, so that too.

Bee peel
We now are getting so much more fussy with our skins We expect so much now but really perfection should not be the only option.


What’s the one piece of skincare advice that every one should follow?

I do think natural and organic skincare is the better choice for looking after your skin, but I would say ALWAYS cleanse and moisturize with a serum or night cream before bed to increase the skin own natural healing that occurs whilst you are sleeping. Good quality sleep is VERY important!  Although I find this when I’m working hard, much more difficult.

Tell us about your own skin care regimen
It changes a lot! It depends what I’m doing if I am working very hard, I always use my Dream Oil Serum to make sure I get a good sleep. If I’m flying a lot I use my Overnight Success Cream, which actually release oxygen into the skin! But I always cleanse with one of my cleansers because I feel the cleanest with an oil based cream I believe it takes of more oil,  and I couldn’t live with out my Hydrogels for keeping my skin hydrated squeaky clean. I always use age defiance and obviously I use the Bee-Venom Mask daily, on top of my moisturiser, under my make up as a primer so I look fresh and luminous! Its great to use Bee-Venom Mask like this as the effects last all day and it prevents any further ageing. A bit like stopping the clock!

What is the worst skin-care habit?

Sleeping in your make-up! Because that can become a nightly habit And as I said your body heals overnight so you need to make the best of this time so your body can do it’s job to look after you and your skin. Secondly, picking spots! Leave them alone or you could cause scarring and make your pores bigger.

What’s next for you brand?

I’m current improving all my formulas the first of which is the Silver bee venom mask,

I found clients were buying the black and wanting gold more.

So I’ve made the Silver stronger richer and more moisturising so if you only use this you won’t need a moisturiser to or every day.

And then there’s the heaven gel nails