I invented the use of bee venom to make my skin look young. I never expected people to copy my #beevenommask.
But they did try to copy it.


Although you can’t stop other people copying your product ideas saying they put bee venom in their product.

But it’s really worth noting bee venom is £27,000 for 1 oz.
So if it’s a cheap product how can companies who say it goes into it actually use it.

The answer is It defiantly was not shown a lot of bee venom or even any.

My bee venom mask works! 

Silver Bee Venom Mask an anti-ageing master piece 

Some Other companies say they use freeze dried bee venom and they say it’s actually good!

Why ??

Freeze drying would take all the active Benefit out of the product!!!

All have tried to copy my formula but to date know one has achieved success.

When I made the Bee Venom Mask by Deborah Mitchell®

I’d invented the ABEETOXIN® 

When I designed it I patented it, so during this process I could not tell people about it , that’s actually why I named my new anti-ageing product Bee Venom Mask, so people would not know what other amazing ingredients were in it. 

Now I can tell you….  it’s bee venom, royal jelly and wait for it REAL BOTULINIUM found in the hive.

I first used too much honey when making it, so it felt sticky that’s why it had to be removed after the optimum 20 mins.

But now I have reduced the honey so it can be a moisturiser or a mask. We found Staying on is so much more effective although being a mask too the preference from our clients including the royal family and celebrities is, it’s so much better left on.


My new Silver Bee Venom Mask is an advanced moisturiser and mask the venom has more ABEETOXIN®  and is a creamier moisturiser more like the black and gold texture, still only worker bee venom. But amazing .

Black has one quarter of the gold in it…

Black Bee Venom Mask, one quart gold and our best seller. Click here to buy
And Gold Bee Venom Mask is the queen bee venom.

There is on one in every hive so it’s precious, we sell only 500 per country and number each one,  you then become a member of the Gold Club.

You’re sent free gifts twice per year and get to know the offers and new products before other people. Your VIP number gives you discounts.

Why is it so great, 

The queen bee venom is used to treat cancer and other illness, I buy this from a charity they only allow a little to leave the charity so as to leave the rest to go on curing the sick.

It is truly amazing .

  1. It relaxes the muscles because it thinks it’s been stung, to stop the poison spreading
  2. It plumps lines, which gives younger apearence to flood the skin with fluid to dilute the venom.
  3. It sends messages to the blood supply to feed the tissue that it thinks has been damaged.
  4. It firms skin as the velous muscles under the skin tissue strengthen with the collagen and elastin.
  5. Lastly the resulting firmness closes open pores.

 Buy your own Gold Bee Venom Mask here…

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