How my tinted moisturiser started I’ll never really know, I don’t do make up.

Although I love buying it…

I needed to cover my spots and get them healed fast. I went to work in my normal fashion.

Silk skin, contained silk protein to smooth skin, that’s what I wanted #smooth #clear skin

A translucent colour that did not sit in lines and make them look noticeable but a moisturiser with a little Cover became a new project of mine.

People liked it

But did not love it.

I NEED LOVE if I’m going to make some thing.

So back to the drawing board.

A make up you can sleep in ! Sounds good?

It did to my clients, it actually was one of my best moisturisers to date.

It contains bee venom from worker bees with my famous Abeetoxin®, but mixed in  a line filler too.  I put in the DSH my hyaluronic acid to help skin look child like. Plus

Sun protection In the form of copper ion and zinc oxide it was and is a complete success. I’m happy and I’ve heard you are too,

“I need sun protection that works but I still get a little colour? Thank you heaven bee bee cream” 

Mary, Silvia, Pam

English Rose, Honey, Caramel

#male and #females love this now.

Three colours suit all skin types I use all three even when I’m on TV I mix it with my foundation for more cover.  

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Sun, sea, sand and protection with great looks.


Just a little edit.

Questions are what are the colours like. Answer

The colours are, English rose, is like normal skin no tan, or under eye high lightener.

Caramel suits every one, blends in and gives warmth to pale skins. Evens tone.

Honey, adds depth colour to browner skins, but is too light for dark skin.

As I said I can use all of the above. They are easy to apply, there a moisturiser with tint!