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Most sun care & after sun creams, (all maybe) calm heat & moisturise and that’s it!!!

Heaven After Soother instantly neutralises the burn. An extreme intensity support program for your skin. Hot weather can be so damaging to your skin, so use a product that on contact with the skin changes red to brown by healing the tissue. 

After Soother was the first ever product I made… It’s special and has not changed.

When applied to a burn it completely stops it carrying on ‘cooking your skin’.

Have you ever noticed you go a little red after being in sun and as the evening goes on you get hotter,  redder and then very sore. This is the skin carrying on cooking. 

AFTER SOOTHERS complex formulae stops this chain reaction that can be so damaging to the skin. You see a burn is actually a scar of sorts that needs actual minuet medical…

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