I’m so impressed with your blog thank you, being a telford girl I really liked the way you championed everything you wrote with out the negatives but still being interesting to read.
It felt like I was meandering up and down dales just reading your words.
My blog s are about mostly beauty, I had to reblog yours.

Thank you for creating brilliant food in our home town

Samuel whitaker

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Having not long completed a three year degree at the University of Wolverhampton, I’ve visited the Wolverhampton Little Dessert Shop branch countless times and always left feeling awfully full, but very content. Becoming an immediate fan of the chain I was extremely excited to discover there was going to be a branch opening in Telford. Missing my weekly visits to Wolverhampton Dessert shop and eager to settle my confection cravings, I decided to pop in and visit Telford’s newly opened dessert shop on Friday afternoon.

The store’s management wisely decided to open the store for a shorter time period during the first couple of days in order to cater for any teething problems and ensure the staff are being supported throughout their training. Honestly this is a good decision and I fully approve of that, particularly with the evident social media demand.

Admittedly it is a little daring visiting any…

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