Clients ask me for a product with lots of oil and I know instantly it’s not what they need to make their skin glow.

It lacks water you see and most skin care companies don’t get this, they pile on greasy creams which temporary help but later in the day the toughness of thirsty skin appears. Then the skin stops working for its self.

What are the signs of skin that’s dehydrated.

  • Open pores is the biggest sign( they are crying feed me)
  • Skin can be dry and flaky
  • Skin can even have surface oil
  • Looking close there may be fine lines that should not be there even on young skin
  • Rashes as the skin gets sensitive


  1. gently exfoliate to remove crunchy layer that’s preventing the skin being moisturised. (Bee polish)

2. Next you need to hydrate (peppermint)

3. Moisturise with a cream not gel (youthful)

Trapping the hydration with in.

PEPERMINT hydrogel is an every thing toner, really hydrates primes cleans and revitalises closes pores cause it gives them the drink it needs.Perfect skin starts here click