Moms we celebrate you ! You cook, clean, help us when ever or where ever you are! Then we go out in the wide world and your there on the phone to lend an ear. 

Gifts for moms.

Bee venom is always the favourite it starts at £55 for 30 ml

But you know your mom always wants this… 

Why? Because it helps you look the softest, smoothest and youngest.

Heaven Bee Venom Mask
The kits below I put together for all you moms and daughters out there although they are unisex.

There are great value savings and a chance to buy and try something you have not had before.

SUITS ALL SKIN TYPES making everyones skin perfect

Hydro cleansing milk – for eyes too, lashings of lavender and rosemary detox the skin 

Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel– shrinks puffy bags and awakens eyes, oh and you know it’s a great toner and primer.

Youthful Moisturiser – ever lasting youth, closes pores, regains firmness, moisturises and fades pigment. 

Cleanse and foam wash – lather and exfoliate. Increases collagen production.

Next kit

Bee peel– you wanted perfect skin this is how to get it. Every day your blemishes and lines will just fade away 

Hydro cleansing milk is a perfect partner to calm after gentle peel. 

Cleanse and foam wash – increases and strengthens as you see your new skin appearing and want an even better result. 


I always bought mom a little gift to show I loved her….

Now I’d buy her the world just to tell her one more time…. I love you mom

When I close my eyes and think hard I can still remember you stroking my forehead mom… 

You loved my Afternoon Tea Hand Cream, it smells light breezy and fresh.

You liked the way it made your hands look younger, the only thing that stopped them being dry. The rich, calming feel was not greasy. hand snuggled so easily in yours.

For all moms out there I want you to have this gift around Mother’s Day of my beautiful hand wash and cream.

I made it for a 2 Michelin star hotel in  Barcelona Abac hotel Barcelona

So the beautiful tastes of the food were not over-shadowed by the wash and cream in the bathrooms during the customers meals but actually enhanced the whole experience.

Now this hand cream is in the most prestigious houses, palaces and hotels the world over.

So I thought what would be the nicest thing I could give you for your moms this Mother’s Day… the gift of love.

You can treat you and your mom to Heaven

Skincare  <click there

And get the Afternoon Tea Hand Wash FREE… and if you spend a little more the beautiful cream too.



Is your moisturiser changing your skin for the better? No? then change to Heaven Skincare. 

A moisturiser should feel light and should penetrate with a rich looked-after feeling.

Does yours?

Yes? then you must be using Heaven

If no.. then you’re not!


This was one of the first products I made and it saved my skin, it’s the only thing that keeps my spots and lines away.

It does this through a ‘no snail’ hyaluronic acid that plumps out lines and gives an amazing youthfulness to your skin.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Age defiance
I cannot be without this, I use it around my eyes too.

It is our best selling moisturiser.

What is a ‘no snail’. There is so much talk now of hyaluronic acid with the conversations of the track that’s left by a snail. Yes it does make me shudder too. I prefer the cellulose of vegetables to rebuild the matrix of the skins resilience, in layman’s terms; strengthen, firm and smooth.


It really is divine… it feels rich and luscious, it uses oranges and mandarins to help increase collagen in the skin. This has the effect of toning the skins surface, so you look firm and young.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Divine cream

ORANGES are full of natural vitamin C; well I harness this power to soften lines and sun damage and lift off pigment.


It’s a bioctal ! This means where there’s less oxgen in the air, it releases it into your skin.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Overnight success
Other ingredients like ROSE help even out redness by closing broken red veins, so the skin looks porcelain and soft.


I’d really like you to leave a quote below…

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If you’re chosen, you will be put in a draw to receive one of these three incredible products.

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WHY? Your skin takes in a small amount of product, if this is greasy poor quality cleanser then you may as well throw your expensive creams in the bin because they will just be blocked by the oily cream cleanser, or your throwing your money down the drain. 

Skin only needs water, it’s a moisturiser meaning watering, not oiling. Heaven’s cleansers are water soluble, they collect dirt, make up or oil or water based, wrap them up in its molecules, circulate your cleanser and wait 30 seconds to collect every last trace, then rinse. 

BLACKHEADS ONLY APPEAR EVERY 6 HOURS: Sebum collects in follicles and if not removed turns black in 6 hours due to air oxidisation. 

Using a cleanser that’s not over oily is much better for eyes that suffer from bags and avoiding them forming again. Heaven’s cleaners help.

 Hydro Cleansing Milk helps lashes skin follicles for a deep clean.

…and conditioning lashes with the New Edition Cleansing Cream. Both can be re-applied as a quick moisturiser if you’ve either run out or forgotten your anti-ageing or treatment moisturiser. 

New Edition Cleansing Cream

A cream cleanser is best to use at night because it can cleanse much deeper.

For the morning Cleanse & Foam Wash, a beautiful rich foam RELEASES all the signals for COLLAGEN production, exfoliating fine lines and fading SCAR’S.

Preparing your skin for the next stage… EXTRA CLEAN; TONE – HYDRATE – MOISTURISE – PLUMP & PRIME with Heaven’s Hydrogels

Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel, Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel & Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel.

To be continued with the next stage: Moisturising. 

Teaching, trying, enjoying with a lot of partying 22nd Jan 2017 at the clubandspa, the Cube, Birmingham. Sponsors: Marco Perrie White & Laurent Perrier. 

Excited for this event, it’s probably nothing you’ve ever been to.

Lavish tables of all the nicest people enjoying each other’s company, celebrities and business owners and poeple who want to #bee part of the Heaven phenomenon.

So what’s the agenda?

Arrival 12noon: our drinks are sponsored by Lauren Perrier, that’s actually my favourite.

Our speaker is the well known ALAN S ADAMS he’s going to teach us how we are sold to and how we can sell ourselves better HOW TO SELL ANYTHING EVEN YOURSELVES

Best seller ADAM S ADAMS

While he is talking there are treatment booths around the room to give you beautiful nails, skin, lashes and brows.

Food in the day is a delicious mix of heathy favourites.

Then I will talk about my life building a brand and how you can achieve.

Around 3.30 there’s a break in the day to change, shop or have full length treatments in the cube club and spa


The cube club and spa

Then later …

6.30 pm

It’s the AWARDS 

Our salons all over the world will be there to recieve accolades for all their work through the year 2016. I know it 2017 now but we got very busy last year. 

Food from the very lovely and famous Chief Marco Perrie White 

Then you can dance all night if you wish… 

With my friends


I’m hoping to post some PICTURES of you. 

Want to come phone 01952 462505 

But I’d do it pretty quick 


£10 plus goes to charity action


This will bee yours skin you’ll love


At LFWM Grooming Room

When we were invited to showcase the LL&B at London Fashion Week Men Grooming Room, by the lovely Laura at Forward PR, we jumped at the chance! I’ve always wanted to be a fashion week, and there were going to be lots of people wanting some R&R in between the shows and we had just what they needed to feel better and look great! Our bespoke brow treatment!

Revolutionising the beauty world, LL&B. PERMATINTTM, is a system of plant-based tints for defining the perfect natural brow for you and enhancing your natural lashes, the 4 colours; light brown, dark brown, medium brown and black, using a totally safe silver-nitrate gel developer, are skilfully mixed, by LL&B trained therapists, to create the perfect shade for your skin type, and gone is the generic peroxide tint of yester-year. The brow is then shaped, according to your bone structure to create the perfect lift for your eye! We thought it would be perfect for all those tired fashion journalists and bloggers!

This is Liza and Ellie performing the brows on some fashion VIPs!


And one of the handsome male bloggers who just had his brows shaped!

c1uqcfuxgaafe9The beautiful pop star Larissa Eddie loved her LL&B Brows, and you can listen to her song here, I think she has such a ‘heavenly’ voice!

And here’s a tip if c1vjoogwiaacyl_You find this quote relevant after Christmas then you should try the Chin Up treatment that we found also at the Grooming Room!

c1vghi1xgaieeddWhich is a chin mask to help you lose inches off your jaw!

And of course everyone who came to the #GroomingRoom got a heavenly Heaven good bag!



Would you like to experience a bit of Heaven with me?

Would you like to experience a bit of Heaven with me in a fabulous Spa in Birmingham?, I would like to invite you to our Heaven Presentation Day and Awards. (Tickets only £55, with limited availability). For Information see below, it’s going to be a great day & night: